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Musical Feature Film

UNSETTLED is a film with music that tells the story of Danny, a Toronto session musician who is just managing to stay afloat.

Through visiting Danny’s varied musical lives, UNSETTLED explores Danny’s tenuous personal life. He has been a single father since his wife Angela (the singer from his old band) left years ago — and left Danny with their infant son, Callum, now 9.

In a way Danny is a bit like Jimmy Stewart in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: Danny might have traveled, he might have… done something else for a living, but he has never had the time to stop and look, let alone plan, his life since his wife left.

But Danny and Callum’s lives are about to change when Angela unexpectedly returns.

Woven into UNSETTLED are musical performances by Danny — with his own band, his own material, where he is later joined by Angela, and we glimpse the magic they once were — and with performances from Danny’s session playing gigs, as well as the other bands he plays with.

Each band is like a different world, not just musically but also in its effect on Danny’s moods and choices. And each song will slyly, obliquely further our story.

An emotionally astute musical drama set in the unglamorous life of a local musician, UNSETTLED is part ONCE, part HARD CORE LOGO and a whole lot of TENDER MERICES.