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Last Letter From Your Lover

Based on the novel by Jojo Moyes

Jennifer leads a charmed life:  She is intelligent, strikingly beautiful and married to wealthy industrialist Lawrence Stirling, whom she has known since childhood. Often left alone in her grand mansion while her husband travels to his asbestos mines in Africa, Jennifer spins in the high society circles of 1960’s London.  Her perfect world is shaken when she meets handsome but caustic journalist Anthony O’Hare, charged with writing a profile piece on Lawrence. Through clandestine meetings and romantic love letters, they fall deeply in love. When Anthony proposes an ultimatum, Jennifer must decide whether to leave the security of her marriage to be with him.  Before she can give Anthony her answer, she is in a terrible accident.  Physically she is fine, but she is left with no memory of who she once was, nor the love she experienced with Anthony. All she has is a stack of love letters she finds, signed simply with a ‘B’, and an uneasy feeling that she’s living someone else’s life.

Fifty years later, Ellie Haworth is working in the archives of the newspaper Anthony once wrote for, and discovers the same love letters signed with a ‘B’. How did they come to be in the archives?  Who are these star-crossed lovers and did the intended recipient ever receive them? Like Jennifer, Ellie falls under their spell and becomes obsessed with discovering the author. With her own love life in tatters, Ellie is inspired by the kind of love expressed in the letters – the kind of love she has never experienced.

As Ellie solves the mystery, the past collides with the present. Old wounds are exposed and healed and Ellie triumphantly orchestrates a reunion that will change all of their lives forever.

Last Letter from Your Lover is a sweeping romantic drama. The two women at it’s core are not so different, but the social context they each live in creates different boundaries that contain them. Travelling back and forth in time, the film will spin a tale of forbidden love, a devastating accident and the betrayal that follows. The intersection of their lives, and their stories, propels the drama and emotion of the narrative, weaving together a tale that makes us feel like we finally understand the true nature of love.